A Revolutionary Evolution

Three generations of Lapine expertise have impacted the evolution of an industry. In 1962, David S. Lapine made the product connection between brands and customers – using merchandise to engage shoppers and create loyalty by resonating, not just selling. The “merchandising agency” concept was born, with Lapine as the pioneer. Fast-forward 50+ years – Lapine influence is being felt on a whole new level. By integrating the marketing disciplines of insights, creative, technology and operations, Lapine has evolved into a bona fide “brand performance agency”, offering an insights-driven suite of services designed to maximize a brand’s potential in the marketplace. Simply put, Lapine offers the most cohesive and efficient way for brands to keep their customer promises.

From Every Angle

Lapine is structured to add expertise and value at every conceivable stage of the brand performance process – from research and planning to product development, from sourcing and fulfillment to global distribution. There isn’t a step in the process where Lapine doesn’t excel. It’s this connection and integration that sets us apart in the marketplace – the same way we set brands apart in the marketplace.

The Values That Drive Us

How we connect with our clients, customers and even our own employees, has everything to do with relationships built on a time-honored Lapine belief system. This system is made up of:


Do the right thing, no matter what the circumstances. Be honest, ethical, credible and moral.


Promote an environment of trust and respect, and reward and encourage the right behaviors.


Own the challenges, and see the solution. Be action-oriented and accountable for results.


Place customers at the heart of the organization. Commit to continuous improvement.


Be resourceful, creative and innovative in problem solving. Compete.


Communicate and work as one team. We win together – knock down silos whenever and wherever you see them.