Noah Lapine

Owner, President

Seth Lapine

Owner, Executive Vice President of Brand Strategy

Paul Lapin

Owner, Account Director

Danielle Fisher

VP Human Resoures

Mark Lapine

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

Eileen Green

Chief Financial Officer

Todd Bold

Executive Vice President, Client Engagement

Chetan Shah

President of Global Operations and Chief Performance Officer

Seth Diamond

Chief Insights Officer

Ian Smith

Chief Marketing Officer

Junior Villegas

Managing Director, Consulting Services

Alexandra Satine

Director of Operations

Ellen Edwards

Director, Logistics & Compliance

Brian Miller

Chief Digital Officer, Creative Director

Rishi Gopaul

Group Director, Client Engagement

Stacey Swineford

Managing Director

Jennifer McCauliffe

Group Director, Client Engagement

Tim Classey

Group Director, Client Engagement

Jim Hickey

Group Director, Client Engagement

Shaun MacKenzie

Group Director, Sales