Lapine’s domestic and international logistics expertise includes an on-site U.S. Customs broker who handles all required tariffs, federal regulations and complex paperwork. That, and ensuring the products we source or create all pass necessary inspections. Once goods reach our shores, we arrange local shipping, whether to your customers, straight to your office, or to our warehouse for additional packing and kitting.


Quality is a Lapine obsession. It drives every step of every Lapine process. Our materials, our products, our process, our day-to-day customer relations all have to be flawless. Our long-time strategic partner, In Touch Manufacturing Services, provides independent third- party quality control and social compliance inspection services. Our standard operating procedure demands a 3-step process: pre-production factory audit, in-line inspection during production,

and pre-shipment inspection. This important area mitigates the risk of reputational damage and legal action that can accompany irresponsible sourcing, product development and manufacturing.

An added plus:  Lapine partner labs are ISO certified and carry certifications and standards like ASTM, ANSI, UL, ETL, FDA and CSA. Even at the warehouse level, one out of every four packages per batch is checked and compared to an approved sample.


Your reports, your way. Lapine reporting is highly customizable based on the frequency, quantity and type of reporting you prefer. Content can include sales order history, item movement, inventory positions, shipping and tracking, Web analytics and savings, and more.

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