A new business intelligence strategy

Consumer goods distributor makes smart move with new business intelligence strategy.

As a $1B provider of top-name brands, outstanding service and key partnerships with pet product retailers and manufacturers, this distributor was implementing a “Growth by Acquisition” model, complete with five ERPs, plus discreet data languages and technology sets. Trouble was, their corporate departments couldn’t easily access the company’s intelligence – analytic teams spent too much time fetching, organizing and translating data, instead of using it to the company’s business advantage.

Lapine created a central data and business logic dictionary with single repository. We also established a translation layer across all ERPs, an M&A-friendly strategy for future ERP additions, provided a Business Coaching process for Scorecard design and execution, and even planned predictive analytics and learning engines.

The result: business intelligence became readily available for all business units, retailers, vendors and executives. Instead of working harder, this market leader began working smarter.

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