An intelligent approach to sharing and leveraging intelligence

Iconic grill manufacturer utilizes a more intelligent approach to sharing and leveraging intelligence.

This maker of world-famous grilling products used an off-the-shelf SAP ERP analytic suite only aimed at supply chain teams. This limited capability didn’t allow internal reporting and business intelligence to provide essential insights that could empower the business teams to deliver on their brand promise. Also, since legacy systems were difficult to upgrade, the teams fell into a complacent “business as usual” mentality.

Enter Lapine: taking a holistic approach to solution design, we introduced a change management and adoption strategy, giving this company direct access to data and providing a customized translation layer. The new strategy also included business-guided design of KPI and Behavioral Scorecards for Senior Management.

The result: deeper, more productive business reviews on behalf of Senior Management, plus key intelligence is finally being shared with the entire outside sales organization.

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