Keds Dip Tote Bags Promotion

Keds was looking for a unique product that matched their brand identity to give away at an upcoming company conference. With a short lead time and a low desired quantity, they needed a flexible solution that could be turned fast, but would still resonate with their employees and the brand. Looking to retail for inspiration, and the impact of Tory Burch in the marketplace, we developed the idea of a dip tote bag and set to work creating the trendy product.

With a clear product idea and associated specifications, we knew right away that we needed to look outside of the promotional products industry for a vendor. We identified a domestic vendor that was able to produce the bags while meeting Keds’ budget and timeline requirements. The bags were created with a custom dip in dyes that matched the PMS colors of the Keds brand and Keds’ unique messaging statement.

Thanks to USA production, the bags were created for under $10 and delivered in time for Keds’ company conference. The totes were such a hit that Keds placed an immediate second order for bags – but this time for an in-store Black Friday gift with purchase promotion. Keds Black Friday performance was off the charts, with every purchase paying off #kedsstyle.