Stopping the revenue leakage

This consumer goods distributor was losing $1.5M until Lapine helped stop the leak.

A classic case of process re-engineering saved this provider of top brands, stellar service and key partnerships to pet product retailers and manufacturers a handsome annual sum. Scenario: 180+ days from a coupon being presented in-store by a consumer to this distributor being able to invoice the vendor had a significant impact on cash flow between customer refund and vendor bill-back. Even worse: unknown “leakage” due to inconsistent reporting and process documentation.

Lapine designed and implemented a digital scanning and filing system to store every coupon by Customer, by Vendor, by Item, etc. Our centralized team processed the digital coupon in under 50 days (over 100 days of savings!) – completely stopping the revenue leakage. Annual savings per year (anticipated): $500,000. Annual savings per year in reduced leakage (unanticipated): $1.5 million. Tail-wagging numbers, indeed.

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