Food Frenzy: Fancy Food Show NYC ‘15

Who would have thought that on a Monday in June in the blazing heat, there would be 1,800,000 air conditioned square feet somewhere in the world filled with every type of chocolate, cheese, meat, cookie, spice, sauce, country, and person imaginable. Well I did, after attending the 2015 Summer Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center in New York City. 2,727 booths and 25 countries under my belt, as well as the stomach that experienced them fondly, I sit at my desk two weeks later, writing this blog post after having finally digested offerings from the many vendors. But, what is still running through my mind are some of the trends and products that stood out at the show, and that will make a larger impact on the shelves of retailers and the pantries of consumers moving forward.

A trend that was noticeable throughout the show was the idea of keeping food simple, as consumers are demanding transparency whenSimply Gum it comes to what they’re eating. There is a push for products that contain fewer and more familiar ingredients, with Simply Gum being a perfect example of a product that fits this mold. It comes in 6 flavors and uses only 6 different ingredients, all of which are 100% natural, the only brand to be labeled as such in the US! This is an awesome item to gift as it fits with consumer’s healthy eating desires.

Another one of the hottest trends currently is spicy food, with both new sauces and spices adding to the category. Torchbearer Sauces displayed a range of Ass Kickin Chiliflavors at the show, from chipotle barbeque and honey mustard to habanero tarnation and zombie apocalypse ghost chili hot sauce! Southwest Specialty Food was also recognizable for their crazy flavors, easily transportable kits, and funny slogans. Both of these sauces are great to add into a gift basket to employees or customers.

Food bottled up in jars is another style and taste of food to look out for. My Cup of Cake gives you a Belgian chocolate soufflé cake that you can enjoyFood Jar right out of the mug and only takes under three minutes to prepare. Gooey on the Inside offers all-natural, preservative-free cookie butter in many different mouthwatering flavors such as White Chocolate Lavender, Key Lime Pie, and Chocolate Chip Chunk, with all the gooey goodness being packed inside closeable jars!

Other popular themes on the rise were different forms of tea, edible flowers, Non-GMO products, and compostable packaging. Between the many countries, vendors, and people, one thing resonated with me more than ever: Everyone loves food! So, do yourself a favor and check out these Fancy Food Internsparticular products and the trends that are only going to grow in popularity.

My fellow interns (Caroline and Jacob) and I showing how happy we are to be surrounded by food, food, and more food. So, enjoy your summer, and as Ernestine Ulmer suggests, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”


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Written by Eli