December 2019

Gifting with Purpose

Trending now: a variety of gifts that send a variety of personal messages.
The holidays are a time of giving and receiving – but also a time to reflect on the past year and think ahead to 2020. In a world where nothing seems certain, consumers will be seeking ways to create more meaningful moments, find connections, live for today, create experiences and enjoy life. Specific gift categories help them do just that…

Retail & Consumer Trends

Gifts that tell a story

Personalized, curated, one-of-a-kind gifts that create a more personal connection. Google search frequency for customized or personalized gifts was up 60% in the past year and peaked in December.* 
  • Nostalgic/retro items that spark memories:
  • DNA kits
  • Personalizing popular items to make them more “ownable”
  • Unique packaging

Gifts that give back

Impacting the community, and the world, is a powerful driver. More than 60% of Millennials and 40% of Baby Boomers say they prefer to donate their loyalty rewards to a good cause rather than redeem them personally.*
  • Brands that support causes we deem important
  • Sustainable/recycled/upcycled products are gaining popularity
  • Preference for locally-sourced and artisanal products continues

Gifts that improve day-to-day life

Products and brands that make life easier and more enjoyable. 58% of Millennials find life today to be more stressful than ever.
  • Tech/smart home gadgetry
  • Electronics that add enjoyment and functionality
  • Kitchen gadgets to keep foodies up to speed
  • Motivational/inspirational items

Gifts that create “feel good” experiences

Gifts that help make connections, and share joy/humor/fun with others. Almost half of consumers plan to purchase intangible gifts this holiday season. Frequency of Google searches for “gift experiences” increased 190% from November to December 2019.

  • “Treat yourself” gifts – for over-the-top indulgence
  • The gift of discovery – Escape rooms, travel, nature
  • The gift of laughter – comedy clubs, humorous items
  • BOGO gifts – one for yourself, one for a friend

Gifts That Tell a Story

Crosely Mockingbird Radio
Travel back to a simpler time with this 50’s-inspired AM/FM radio and Bluetooth® speaker. Designed for portability with a carry strap and battery power option, this speaker easily switches between radio/auxiliary/Bluetooth for streaming music through your phone or tablet.
23andMe DNA Kits
Give the gift of personal history. Discover your roots from across 1500+ regions and use the DNA relative finder to connect with relatives you didn’t know you had!

Gifts That Improve Day-to-Day Life

Dash compact air fryer
A healthier way to fry-and a cleaner way to cook – without sacrificing great taste. Choose from red, white, aqua and black – each one is conveniently compact to save counter space.
Garmin Dash Cam
The product that has spawned hundreds of YouTube channels! Compact and discreet, this dash camera has a 140-degree field of view that automatically records and saves your footage. Includes hands-free voice control and driver alerts for red light cameras and speed cameras.
Geeni Vision smart wi-fi security camera
Watch live streaming of your home, anytime, anywhere. Easy set-up, just download the Geenie app to connect, get alerts, even listen and talk. Plus the camera has Wi-Fi built right in.
Amazon Echo Flex mini smart speaker with alexa
Turn any room into an Alexa-ready smart room with this plug-in smart speaker. Tell Alexa to turn on lights, adjust thermostats, lock doors, you name it, with compatible devices. Make hands-free calls, or announcements to other rooms with compatible Echo devices.
Magnogrip Magnetic wristband
This magnetic wristband is the perfect gift for your favorite do-it-yourselfer. Super-strong magnets hold loose nails, screws, and small tools in place when you need a third hand.

Gifts That Give Back

Trending: brands that give back with every purchase, or produce products with recycled material. A way for consumers to not just give once…but twice.

Grosche Double Wall glasses
They not only LOOK cool,they ARE cool. These double-wall glasses are ingenious for hot or cold beverages. Every Grosche product sold provides 5+ days of safe drinking water to someone in need.
Parafina Sendero Recycled Rubber

Bright idea: these clever sunglasses are made with a full quart of tire rubber. With this product, Parafina alone has saved 1,200 tons of carbon monoxide. Added plus: 5% of all sunglasses sold also goes back to a scholarship fund that gives those in need access to a stable, quality education in Paraguay.

Kathmandu (Certified B Corp)
Kathmandu is a Certified B Corp known for its sustainability practices, responsible materials, and environmental impact. Their popular Pocket Pack is perfect for on-the-go and outdoor enthusiasts.

“Feel Good” Experiences

Memories that last a lifetime are the best kinds of gifts. Consumers are choosing to give experiences, not just gifts, as a meaningful way to connect.

“Give stories, not stuff” is what Tinggly is all about. Pay one price and choose from hundreds of local and international experiences. Tinngly partners with a wide range of vendors, so no matter where someone is, they can find an unforgettable experience.
America The Beautiful National Park Pass
Give the gift of access to all of America’s National Landmarks. A pass is your ticket to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites-It covers entrance fees at national parks and national wildlife refuges, as well as standard amenity fees (day-use fees) at national forests and grasslands.

Data Sources

Sources: Gartner/Iconoculture; KPMG; Google Trends; The NPD Group


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