Healthy Lifestyle for the New Year

At this point, if you’re like me, everyone is finishing off all of their Christmas and Hanukkah leftovers, fending off your family member or friend for that last homemade cookie or latke, hoping to get one more taste of holiday bliss. While it’s certainly acceptable to be over-New Year, New Youindulging with adult beverages, seafood, red meats and savory desserts this time of year, your waistline and overall energy level might not exactly be where you want it to be.

Heading into the New Year, some of the keys to maintaining a high level of both mental well-being and physical fitness include a reformed and healthy appetite, regimented exercise and a consistent pattern of sleep and relaxation. Here are some ideas to jumpstart the New Year and the new you that I plan on adopting.

One of the ultimate keys to shedding your unwanted holiday weight is your eating patterns and the types of foods you are consuming.  After gaining 6-8lbs of “bad weight” since Thanksgiving, I will be startingCuisinart Food Processor a clean eating initiative as I enter 2015 and one of the first tools I will be grabbing to assist in this effort is the SmartPower Duet® Blender/Food Processor from Cuisinart®. This seven-speed, multi-function gem gives you the ability to effortlessly create food or beverage options that should help remove yourself from your recent patterns of gluttony.  The supplied recipe book provides an encyclopedia of healthy choices ranging from fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies, healthy soups and salad dressings, to grilled chicken stir-fry.

After reforming your diet, another integral part of your new health initiative is getting into a habit of consistent Garmin vivosmartcardiovascular exercise.  My wonderful and very generous Mother gave me a new Garmin® vívosmart™ for Christmas and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.  This top selling fitness watch for Garmin displays steps, calories burned, distance traveled and you can hook it up via Bluetooth® to your smart phone to receive calls, texts and emails.  The vívosmart™ also familiarizes itself with your activity level and provides you daily fitness goals to reach for.  Finally, you can sign up with Garmin Connect to track your overall progress and join online challenges to compete against other users.

Often a much overlooked component of losing weight and becoming healthier is having a healthy sleeping pattern.  This is the body’s time to build muscle, recover and restore mental and physicalHomedics Deep Sleepenergy and without getting into a good sleeping habit, you might be cheating and diluting your diet and exercise efforts.  If you have trouble sleeping at times like I do, grab the Deep Sleep™ Sleep Therapy Machine by Homedics®. This machine provides eight patent-pending sleep therapy programs combining four different white noise tones, four water tones and four nature tones.

These are just a few ideas to help you get on a healthy track for 2015, but it takes a lot more than just these suggestions to bring you where you should want to be in regards to your physical health. It takes discipline, motivation and a concerted effort to stay on track. Use your friends and loved ones as motivation to become the better version of yourself and don’t give up no matter how difficult it gets. Here’s to a rewarding 2015 for all of us! Have a happy and healthy.



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