It’s Turkey Time!

Happy Holidays everyone! I must have done something right my first trip around the blog because I was graciously invited back to contribute.  Well, I am ecstatic that I am back because this is quite possibly my favorite time of the year with Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas time on the horizon.Thanksgiving Football

Copious amounts of food, football from sunrise to sundown and most importantly quality time with my family highlights this day to give thanks.  This time of year gives us a chance to step back, remove ourselves from our careers for just a moment and realize how we all got here in the first place; from the support of our loved ones.

Well now that we have established why this time of year is so special, let’s dive into one of the cornerstones of this holiday: the food!  Turkey, ham and roasts of all kinds are prevalent at the dinner Nordicware Roastertable, which is perfect because Nordicware® has introduced a brand new line of oven-to-table roasters. With the Extra Large Roaster with Rack, every Thanksgiving chef has one of the key components to cook a feast.  Made of sturdy cast aluminum and manufactured in the USA, this item is an essential tool to make the day a little more delicious. I certainly know my mouth is watering the more I talk about it.

In my eyes, Thanksgiving is not a time for one to be counting calories, so for those a little less health conscious this holiday season, go pickWaring Pro Fyer up a Rotisserie Turkey Fryer from Waring Pro®.  My uncle serves up both a roasted turkey and a deep fried turkey every year and you can probably guess with which one I load my plate up. With the extra crispy skin and all the natural juices still intact, this one is a no-brainer for me.

Now I am not too sure if you could tell how much of a sports fanatic I was from my last blog, but the answer is yes, I am a little bit crazy about my football!4K TV With so many family members packed like sardines in front of a small TV, the viewing experience can be a little less than satisfactory. By grabbing the new 58” 4K Ultra HD TV from Panasonic®, you can say goodbye to these issues.  The technology incorporated into this TV is fascinating as it has clarity four times higher than your standard 1080p HD TV that is flooding the market.

I hope I was able to offer up some ideas to make you and your family’s Thanksgiving a pinch better. Everyone have a safe, happy and healthy holiday and enjoy this special time together. Here’s to eating well – cheers!