Vendor Routing and Compliance Guide 

We appreciate your willingness to comply with this routing guide, allowing Lapine the best possible opportunity to reduce freight costs and non-compliant shipments. Our goal is to achieve a competitive advantage by customer and supplier working together strategically. This will allow Lapine to provide extraordinary service to our customers.

In our quest to ensure that Lapine customers receive the service and respect they deserve through exceptional product quality and service, we count on our Vendor Partners to provide the best quality products in an efficient manner.

This partnership in servicing our customers canmake millions of positive impressions each year. As a key contributor, you play a significant role in the success of meeting our customer satisfaction goals. This Routing and Compliance Guide defines Lapine’s expectations for your performance and details those processes that will streamline the relationship, improve performance and ultimately grow our business. This is your reference manual to performance expectations.

Please note that at times the Lapine Purchase order will have specific information or instructions that may differ from what is on this Routing Guide. The Lapine Purchase Order will always take precedence over Lapine Routing Guide.

Please ensure this Vendor Guide is distributed to all parties within your organization who have a role in your ability to comply with the guidelines.

Click here to download a PDF of our Routing Guide.