New Year, New Tech: What to Look for at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017

With the New Year comes the annual Consumer Electronics Show, showcasing the best and brightest new technologies on the market. This year’s show, the 50th anniversary, will be held from January 5-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Though different tech sites point to a variety of anticipated trends, all seem to agree that CES 2017 will have a great mix of brand new and updated technologies.

Wearable tech is predicted to revamp its image to better align with consumer’s needs. Consumers no longer want wearables that simply track their activity, interested instead in pieces that actually train and motivate them to reach their goals; smartwatches like Garmin’s Vívoactive HR that provide real time coaching on the go, and even wearables for children that teach healthy habits, like Garmin’s Vívofit Jr. This change comes as consumers look for products that carry through on their promises of helping them lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle, rather than tracking what they already do.

Digital assistants and artificial intelligence, like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home, are sure to be a key focus of CES 2017, as expanded capabilities make these technologies increasingly integrative in consumer’s day to day lives. Digital assistants are moving beyond simple command-based actions to more automated and predictive behaviors like replenishment of everyday necessities when supplies start to run low. Artificial intelligence is serving to streamline consumer’s lives by compiling their behaviors across all apps and programming to better understand their needs. Home robots and companion robots will undoubtedly command a great deal of attention; combining artificial intelligence and home monitoring with an added personality factor. Digital assistance technologies are improving their ability to assist consumers while further fulfilling their commitment to making customer’s lives easier.

Expect to see many new security devices and softwares as security companies work to protect their customers in an ever-changing digital age. Everything from smart home security solutions, personal emergency beacons, and smartphones that limit their own functionality when placed in a car, will help to keep consumers both safe and technologically up to date.

Additional technologies including virtual/augmented reality devices, driverless cars, and drones are bound to make a splash at this year’s show as companies strive to give customers the newest technologies and the best possible experience. The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show is sure to celebrate its fifty years of success with a wide variety of life-changing consumer products!


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