Stare Worthy Socks

“Oh thanks honey, just what I needed, more navy socks for work. You’re so practical.”

Socks as a holiday or birthday gift do not exactly induce shrieks of excitement, as I’m sureSock_Purple many boyfriends and husbands can attest to. However, what was once the tell-tale marker of a romance gone stale has recently undergone a colorful makeover, one that has transformed socks into a desirable gift after all and perhaps the perfect item for your next promotional program.

Millennials, those born between 1980 and 1997, are clinging to their youth more than any other generation to date. In fact, experts declare that Millennials are afflicted by “Early-Onset Nostalgia”, a condition which makes them yearn for a romanticized past, namely their youth, and welcome any reminders of that past.

Examples of these nostalgic urges can be seen in almost any arena, from social media hash-tags like flash back Friday or throw back Thursday, to the now popular vintage tees rocking mascots and logos from the early 90’s. Mad Libs, the childhood favorite, has even successfully launched an app version of the game to capitalize on the Millennials taste for all things nostalgic.

Colorful socks provide the perfect way for Millennials to cling to their youth. It’s as if to say you can put me in a corporate job and put me in a stuffy suit but I will still retain my boyish affinity for mischief with colorful, traditionally inappropriate socks. Socks that, like their boyish streak, stay mostly hidden until a change of position from standing to seated exposes a cheeky flash of ankle covered in neon sharks or pink and green polka dots.

Soul Socks, a company whichSock_8bit offers a yearly subscription to a sock of the month club, even offers a pattern inspired by highly pixelated 8-bit video game characters for the first generation Nintendo, which was popular in the U.S in the early 90’s.

A colorful pair of high socks using your brand’s vintage logo is the perfect way to capitalize on both these trends at once. The popular sublimation option also allows your company to decorate every square inch of the sock with bright designs, patterns, logos and taglines.

In fact, in a recent promotion for Mountain Dew we crafted a unique pair ofSock_BajaBlast colorful, sublimated socks that garnered significant social media support from recipients. What’s more, during this promotional window Mountain Dew’s market share reached an all-time high, providing quantitative evidence to prove just how on trend these colorful socks really are.

The next time you’re faced with the often difficult taskSock_Jacob of selecting a gift for your spouse or a fresh item for your next promotion keep these funky, nostalgia inducing high socks in mind. They’re sure to be met with the same child-like enthusiasm that is demonstrated here by our in-house colorful sock expert and my fellow intern, Jacob.


Written by Caroline


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