New Uncle Drew Video and Merchandise are a Slam Dunk!

I grew up playing basketball and have been an avid basketball fan ever since. So when Lapine became an official Uncle Drew Merchandise licensee, to say I was excited was an understatement.

Lapine was given the responsibility to brainstorm the ideal merchandise for basketball fans. What would fans want to wear? Where should it be sold? Pepsi created and provided Lapine the ultimate logo for the merchandise and we got to work. Using our Digital Marketplace resources and Consumer Insights expertise, Lapine presented the hottest trends in merchandise and the perfect fit for Uncle Drew fans. Lapine sourced and created the merchandise as well as developed a web shop where Uncle Drew fans are always just a click away from ordering the historic ballers merchandise. The merchandise ranges from the most stylish hooded sweatshirts, to hip flat brim hats with the simplistic logo of Uncle Drew’s face profile.Uncle Drew 2

The next step was how to spread the word about the new Uncle Drew video, as well as the new merchandise and web shop. There was one very obvious place for the launch of the new Uncle Drew merchandise, the 66th NBA All Star game in New Orleans.  Stepping off the plane and being welcomed by All-Star weekend signs and posters of all the greats cemented the decision to have Uncle Drew represented at the event. Pepsi took over a popular pizza shop down the street from the Smoothie King Center, and transformed it into a retro Uncle Drew Pop Up Shop.  There was Uncle Drew merchandise to buy, old school basketball posters surrounded the walls, and cups and plates with Uncle Drew’s profile on them, Pepsi nailed it! You really felt that you were in Uncle Drew’s favorite pizza restaurant. With a line out the door, and the one and only Dr. J dropping in to support his old friend, the shop was a huge success, selling out the merchandise. Uncle Drew 3

Being a basketball fan and getting the opportunity to be a part of such an unbelievable basketball weekend was unforgettable. To see all of the hard work that was put in on this journey and the out of box ideas come to life, was a reminder of how cool my job can be. Both Lapine and Pepsi are thrilled with the early success of this partnership and are looking forward to the ongoing excitement that Uncle Drew and Pepsi bring to their fans. We can’t wait to see the merchandise brought to life on the courts. We are ready for tip off!


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