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warehousing, and distribution

We have over 120 global sourcing experts working across 4 global sourcing centers and collaborating with over 1,000 suppliers. With our multi-client and multi-geographic footprint, direct-to-manufacturer relationships, and a network of approved suppliers, our team optimizes costs and secures the best deal for our clients.

You can also easily onboard your preferred suppliers onto our systems, while our in-house brand assurance and accredited auditors, and established QAP and FRI processes, assure quality and compliance across the whole supply chain.


  • Approved Supplier Lists in Europe, NAM, LATAM, India and China
  • Established process for onboarding clients’ incumbent suppliers
  • Over 120 sourcing professionals globally, with Category Managers in each region
  • 20 years’ experience in sourcing direct from Far East suppliers and manufacturers
  • 3-quote methodology employed, supported by commodity indices to ensure best prices
  • Fixed price offered and valid for agreed time frames
  • Scorecards in place to measure and underpin strategic suppliers’ overall sustainability performance 

Brand Assurance

  • 24 brand assurance professionals across adm
  • 6 internal accredited auditors
  • QAPs and test plans in place for all applicable products
  • 100% FRI to AQL 2.0 level in high-risk countries
  • > 99% of suppliers signed-up to our Code of Conduct
  • > 95% of suppliers with valid Social Audits in place 
  • DE&I survey issued annually to supply chain
  • Global sustainability targets across 3 pillars of our A Better Tomorrow programme.

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