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Glassware in a fragile environment - why working with experts is the key to success

Glassware has always been a challenging category to manage, with long lead times, expensive tooling costs, and high MOQs. With the energy crisis pushing up costs, is glassware still a good return on investment?

Why glassware?

Glassware is a growth driver that influences the overall drinks experience. It drives tactile brand engagement, supports the evolving path to purchase and can be a  sustainable option for brands.

Consumer perception.

We conducted interviews with consumers aged 21-49 who drink spirits, across four countries: France, Germany, Spain and the U.S. Our aim was to gain insight into how various glassware shapes and treatments influence consumer decision making. 

91% of consumers want to see their drink, making clarity an important design consideration.

89% feel that the 'right' glass improves their drinking experience. 86% stated that seeing someone else drinking from a unique or 'interesting' glass makes them want to try the same brand.

72% feel that the shape and design of a glass is representative of the brand. 

The importance of design.

Distinctive branded glassware works as an engagement tool with consumers; our research found that the right glass improves the drinking experience, makes cocktails taste better, and improves the aroma of drinks. 

In order to create a glassware range that successfully represents your brand, design expertise is fundamental from the first brief. This means more effective items that resonate with consumers, tested design routes and brand ambassador feedback, so your glassware is executed correctly and is performing in-market. 

Our team of designers are award-winning specialists and have created many of the well-known and loved glassware in the on-trade today. They craft items that stand out in the market, are true representations of the brand and are ideal for the perfect serve. We won a Drum Design Award for our adm-designed Campari tumbler, created for their signature Negroni. Following this success we created the signature Campari Spritz glass, which received rave reviews from the client, as well as from consumers.

The design is a tribute to the brand, expressing its characters and sophisticated timeless premium essence.

Dedicated expertise.

Our category managers are dedicated to supporting our clients and helping them navigate the production process, with an in-depth understanding of market challenges. 

From choosing the right glass composition to minimise the impact on MOQs, to guaranteeing production slots and stock holding, they work seamlessly between our clients and our suppliers to manage the end-to-end process, from design to delivery. 

They are consultants with the ability to value engineer ranges and ensure logistical benefits, reducing cost while maintaining the effectiveness of the item.

What makes us experts?

We work with the biggest tableware glassware manufacturers in the world, delivering into more than 150 markets, and supported by relationships dating back decades. We have over 30 years of experience in glassware procurement, an award-winning design team, end-to-end engineering capability and a dedicated insights and innovation team that are fundamental to the process. Together, this gives us unrivaled expertise and the ability to design distinctive glassware for premium brands, all with sustainability in mind.  

Is glassware worth the investment?

For us, the answer is yes, with the important caveat that not any glass can drive sales or change consumer behaviour in the path to purchase. Glassware must be well designed and considered, it must enhance the drinking experience and facilitate the perfect serve, while being distinctive and true to your brand. When designing the perfect glass, consider more than just looks. Work with an expert partner that can advise on consumer perception, customer engagement, usage and potential limitations in the manufacturing process. This will ensure the right materials are selected, sourcing is optimised and your tooling works harder.

By adm Group