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Leveraging Connected Retail to enhance the shopping experience

In the rapidly evolving retail landscape, brands must cater to changing shopper behaviour, and the increasing demand for immersive and consistent shopping experiences. As the lines between online and offline blur, retailers are seeking solutions that can seamlessly integrate digital and physical environments.

adm Group has launched a solution that is at the forefront of this transformation; a robust framework that enhances in-store propositions to drive conversion. Leveraging its extensive expertise in retail solutions, the Group provides a dynamic approach to meet contemporary retail challenges through the launch of Connected Retail.

What is Connected Retail?

Connected Retail is a cutting-edge retail media solution and network designed to enable brands to enhance their in-store propositions, drive higher conversion rates, and increase brand market share This unique ecosystem is data-led, providing valuable, real-time insights that allow retailers to effectively reach consumers at crucial touchpoints during their shopping journey. Through integrating digital screens, data analytics, and other advanced technologies, Connected Retail ensures brands can connect with shoppers in a meaningful and consistent way, enhancing the overall shopping experience and influencing purchasing decisions.

Why now?

The shift in shopper behaviour, especially in the post-pandemic era, has highlighted the need for retailers to adapt and capitalize on these changes. The landscape is experiencing pivots and changes at speed, and hence it is more important than ever for brands to stay ahead of trends and maintain visibility of patterns.

One notable example is the surge in travel and retail activity in airports. According to adm Group’s research, 70% of people in a travel retail store make a purchase, and 33% make impulse buys. This trend underscores the importance of creating engaging and immersive shopping environments in-store, that meet the new expectations of consumers to maximise this opportunity.

The checkout counter is a unique location where brands and consumers collide, presenting an exclusive opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and influence purchase behaviour in-store.

adm Group’s Connected Retail solution empowers retailers to create immersive shopper experiences, gather precise data, monetise media networks, and reduce inefficiencies.

Richard Murray, head of growth APAC at adm Group, explains, “The checkout counter is a unique location where brands and consumers collide, presenting an exclusive opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and influence purchase behaviour in-store.

Our Connected Retail solution enables brands to effectively engage and influence consumers at crucial touchpoints during their shopping journey, increasing sales and creating a seamless path to purchase.”

Connected Retail x Mastercard

To enhance Mastercard’s campaign during the Australian Open, adm’s Connected Retail solution was employed to create an engaging and effective omnichannel retail journey.

An omnichannel retail journey was created, starting with signage outside and in-store and culminating in a message encouraging shoppers to use Mastercard over other payment options. Mastercard customers who crossed a particular spend threshold at the checkout counter stood a chance to win exclusive Australian Open-themed gifts.

This campaign generated over 470,000 impressions and 300,000 views in the first month, significantly increasing market share and customer engagement. Mastercard described the solution as “a game changer in point-of-sale communications” and reported an uplift of up to 10 per cent against selected criteria and an average order value increase of over 60 per cent.

Future of Connected Retail

The future of Connected Retail is promising, with continuous innovations and advancements on the horizon. Brands can stay ahead of the curve by adopting these solutions, ensuring they meet the evolving expectations of consumers. Continuous innovation and adaptation are crucial in the retail industry to maintain relevance and drive growth.

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