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The Advent Experience

The advent calendar is a hallmark of the Christmas build up, and a pillar of the seasonal shopping marketplace. But the traditional days of opening a window each December morning to a charming illustration or moulded chocolate are a thing of the past. The advent calendar has evolved to become the ultimate extended self-gift.

We have explored the trends within the beauty countdown phenomena that we commonly recognise as the festive advent calendar. As we see the rise in premiumisation, and the increased consumer demand for experience, the advent calendar market offers a vehicle to harness these evolving shopper behaviours.

The report explores how brands are paving the way to meet evolving customer demand, and how although the core concept and ritual of opening a door each day in December has remained fundamentally unchanged, the offerings and innovation are increasingly dictated by consumer behaviour.

We deep dive into the demand for experience, through the rise in wellness and desire for the unique, as well as how brands are thinking more sustainably and adapting to economic uncertainty.

Through insight into the current scene of the market, we highlight the future opportunities for brands to harness this increasingly successful method of marketing and brand execution.

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