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Global FMCG brand:
Transforming the environmental impact of display POS

By the numbers

13,000kg of CO2 saved

300,000 litres of water saved

Reduced cost per unit price

C02 emissions decreased

Water usage reduction

The brief

A challenge at the forefront of nearly all FMCG agendas is reducing the environmental impact of point-of-sale materials, whilst still maintaining efficiency, quality, and brand consistency.  

A global FMCG brand tasked adm to redesign their Quick Assembly Corrugate Shipper Display in order to improve both use efficiency and sustainability. It required a complete material transformation, yet maintaining visual consistency with their existing solution, as well as without incurring cost increases. 


Design, sustainability, procurement




What we did

Through redesigning the structure and implementing effective material changes, we were able to sustainably transform the environmental impact of the Quick Assembly Shipper Display.

The simplified yet innovative design improved the ease of use, by reducing the assembly time to just 2 minutes.

Made from 100% recycled corrugate, the materials of the display can now be 100% recycled at end of life. Through switching to mono-material, the production requires less energy and fewer resources, thus reducing cost, waste, and greenhouse emissions. Soy-based inks were used, reducing the amount of toxic chemicals within the display, that are traditionally found in petroleum-based inks. 


  • Product score in our Green Design Tool increased by 20.9%. Learn more about our Green Design Tool here 
  • CO2 emissions decreased by 9.9%
  • Water usage decreased by 12.5%

The more efficient and streamlined solution fulfilled the client brief, and led to two other significant opportunities with the client for future projects.

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